• Sunset landing in Cirrus SR22
  • Skiing in Swiss Alps
  • Born in Praha, Czech Republic
  • Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam: 16-hour overnight train to Hanoi

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On our trip through Vietnam, we took an adventurous 16-hour overnight train from Da Nang departing at 1pm (nearby the ancient town of Hoi An) going North to Hanoi arriving at 5am. The first hour of the trip... READ MORE

Tomas Vacek

First of all, thank you for visiting my travel blog! I was born in Praha, Czech Republic where I grew up until 3rd grade on a beloved small farm in Křečkov (loosely translated as “Hampsterville”). We then moved with my family to Japan for 6 years and then 4 years in Hong Kong for high school. After graduating from Stanford University in 2010, I moved to New York for 5 years where I worked as a derivatives trader and investment banker for Goldman Sachs, then as associate for Silver Lake, a $43 billion private equity fund focused on technology investments. This travel blog was started by popular demand to document my travels and to give you the reader ideas for the next trip abroad based on recommendations from local friends.

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